A 25lb Premium Cylinder

Innovative, sleek larger size (25lb) and high quality design is an attractive addition to any kitchen.

Made of high-quality composite and polymeric materials, that provide uncompromising safety and has UV protection. Meets all international standards.

Significantly lighter than steel, no more damage to your floors. Empower yourself! No more heavy lifting!

Say goodbye to rusting and surface stains on your floors as composite materials eliminates corrosion.

No more running out of gas whilst cooking or entertaining. This see-through feature allows you to see the liquid level of ProKleen gas inside the cylinder at any time, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Made from 100% recyclable material and filled with Ramco’s ProKleen with Propane, our premium eco-friendly cooking gas.

A Premium Product

Ramco’s ProKleen with Propane is our premium eco-friendly cooking gas that delivers a cleaner burning fuel, with hotter and bluer flames that guarantees benefits like no other, giving you a whole new cooking experience!

This unique blend includes elements that has been tested and verified in the U.S.A. by Georgia Institute of Technology guaranteed to significantly reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

ProKleen is a patented product of Ramco Industries Limited.



Cleans your stove lines and jets every time you cook, decreasing your need for servicing and extending the life of your stove


Say goodbye to sooting with a cleaner burning fuel and consistent blue flames


More heat from consistent blue flames, speeds up your cooking time


Reduces Carbon Monoxide (CO) and other greenhouse gases


Reduced greenhouse gases leads to less harmful emissions in your home, making it safer for you and your family

A Premium Service

At Ramco, our vision is to improve the quality of people’s lives by offering an exceptional customer experience every time.  

From placing your order for your new cylinder (Click Here), to our technician completing a short and simple installation process at your home, our expertly trained Sales Associates, are equipped to serve your every need.

When you choose Ramco’s ProKleen Composite Cylinder there is no hassle for refills! A specialized and convenient delivery service for your refills awaits you on time, every time with a full safety check!

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